Send us your CD/DVDs:

To save the time required to prepare and set up the TrepStar project, for a low fee, we will import your data for you.
  1. First, sign up and create your first project.
  2. Look for the Project ID the TrepStar system has assigned. This Project ID is listed next to the title of your project when you're logged in.
  3. We need your data files:
    1. You may send us a CD/DVD in the mail:
      • Clearly write the Project ID on the disc with a felt tip marker.
      • Send us a working, tested copy of your master CD(s) or DVD(s) in the mail. We make an exact copy of what you send. Do not send your only master disc because we do not return them.
    2. You may use Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or other cloud based storage services:
      • Upload your .zip or .iso file to your cloud based storage (one for each disc).
      • Grant access to your files.
      • Each separate disc will need to be a .zip file or .iso file.
      • Send an email to to let us know which project you want us to set up.
  4. Artwork files:
    • If you're mailing discs, do not send us a separate CD with your artwork files.
    • Easily upload artwork yourself: Please edit your TrepStar project, look for the green upload arrow buttons, and upload your .jpg artwork directly to the project. It's easy and only takes a minute.
    • If you need to create this artwork, visit our FREE art templates page.
  • Don't send money now. Once we import your data, we will bill your account and you will receive an email stating your project is ready and approved. Then, login to TrepStar, order a copy and pay your bill.
  • Once we receive your discs in the mail, or gain access to your cloud based files, will will import and configure your TrepStar project.
  • Once complete, you will receive an email with instructions.
  • TrepStar will bill your account a low, one time disc setup charge of $5.00 (per disc) to cover our costs. It's the same price to setup a disc whether you mail it to us, or grant us online access.
  • We accept music/audio CDs, Data CDs, and single layer 4.7GB DVDs
  • We do not accept dual layer DVDs, bluray, or encrypted/copy protected DVDs.
  • Do you have a multiple disc set? No problem. Send us all of your discs and we'll add them to a single project shipped in one or more DVD cases. Setup fee of $5.00 (per disc) applies.

If you're mailing discs to us, print this form:

  1. Project Title: ________________________________________
  2. Publisher ID : ______________________
  3. Project ID: ______________________

Then, package and send your disc(s) to:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CDDVDFulfillment
8852 Aviary Path, Suite 1
Inver Grove, MN 55077