DVD On Demand

Our on demand DVD fulfillment service works like this. You set up a free account on our site. You fill out information about your DVD project. You click a button to order a DVD for a customer. Fill out information about that customer and click submit. We then make, package and ship that single DVD out to your customer on demand. In other words, we don't charge you to make 1000 cds that you may or may not sell. We allow you to make them one at a time i.e. "on demand".

On top of the new clients our on demand DVD fulfillment services can attract, people who were already planning to buy your product will often pay extra for backup DVDs.

At www.dvd-fulfillment.com, we realize that the costs and hassle involved with on demand DVD fulfillment services might be keeping you from offering them to your customers. That is why we have made it as easy as possible for you to make money on our exclusive on demand DVD fulfillment service without worrying about design, packaging, or distribution.

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