Key Features to consider when choosing TrepStar to publish and ship your CD/DVD or USB. prices are usually lower than other on demand, short run, self publish CD/DVD/USB duplication services, and our service is better.

If you're shopping around to find a company to produce and ship your CD/DVD/USB to your individual customers, or just have a one time bulk duplication project, you will want to compare our price to theirs. Price is not the only story. You need to consider quality as well.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service lowest price for any quantity ordered.

We are always looking for ways to lower prices. We've been doing CD and DVD on demand short run fulfillment since 2002. We now offer USB Thumb/Flash drive fulfillment.

There are many reasons why you may prefer CD/DVD/USB on demand fulfillment over any other.

We use the highest quality materials:

  1. BEST Blank Media: We use Professional Grade Glossy blank media. These are more compatible than cheaper discs. They cost about 2-3 times more per disc than average blank media. Ours cost over 50c while average cheap media in bulk can be as low as 15c each. We do this primarily because the best blank media looks better printed, and is more compatible and more reliable than standard blank media (nearly 100% compatible). Cheaper blank discs do not work as well so you'll have more customer returns (as much as 5%-10% incompatibility).
  2. Best Looking Discs: The Professional Grade Glossy blank discs have a glossy finish, so the colors are vibrant, and it looks usually better than retail quality. Cheaper blank discs usually have a flat, matte finish, the colors look more faded, and in general, do not look as professional. Our prices include printing in full color where other duplicators prices start with cheap black+white text printing as the starting price option.
  3. Premium CD and DVD cases. We use only premium packaging materials. Often, a duplicator will have a low price but they use cheap packaging which cracks or breaks easily. Our cases use 100% new material. Some use recycled material which is brittle and breaks during shipment, or after the first few uses. You end up having to redo the batch, or they up sell you to something better which raises the unit price. Click here to learn more about our product quality.

We offer better support and features:

  1. Easily change your project: Our Project Management System makes it easy to edit your project. Start your project by setting up what you know. Upload what you can. We send you email giving you further instructions. Once it's all set, we approve the project and you're ready to order. Change your project later -- graphics, title, package options, burn files. Everything can be edited. With most others, you must have it all set up perfectly up front, spend hours uploading it, and can NEVER change it.
  2. Include up to 10 pages of printed documentation: Maybe include an optional welcome letter or printed document. We print in full color to high quality gloss presentation paper.
  3. Include custom text printed on the invoice: You can include a customer specific instructions with each order. Some use this to print registration code or unlock instructions. Most other companies do not offer this.
  4. Delete an order: for up to about 15 minutes. We are an on demand system so we start to make product after a 15 minute delay. To our knowledge, none of our competitors offer this feature.
  5. Modify an address for between 1 to 10 hours. We have a publisher setting that allows you to specify the amount of time you want us to wait before we print postage. This gives you OR your customer time to fix any address problems. By default, we wait 1 hour. You choose whether you allow your customer to edit the address. None of our competitors offer this feature.
  6. Your customer can fix any address errors themselves. You choose whether you allow your customer to do this using a publisher setting. When an order is placed, an email address can be supplied. We send an email telling the customer the order was placed. In that email, we display the address, as well as a tracking link, and give them a link to a form where they can make small corrections. They can modify the address for a short time (1 to 10 hours). The time interval is set within your publisher settings. None of our competitors offer this feature.
  7. No (or low) Setup Cost - Low Unit Cost: Our system was designed to be almost fully automated. This means there is no setup costs, and our unit price is low even for single quantity orders. This is a key difference between an on demand, just in time, CD/DVD/USB production and shipping company like ours, and a duplicator company that's used to a lot of manual setup time (and cost to you). They can only make money if you order a large quantity because they're basically adding their labor/setup charge on top of their cost per unit. This is inefficient!
  8. Good Email Support: We look over your email, and a real person will respond to you within 24 hours (most cases, same day). If you include a phone#, we will call you back. Our closest competitors usually direct you to their long FAQ document for most questions.
  9. Automate Ordering: If you want to automate the order process, we currently integrate with several shopping carts (more on the way).
  10. Buy Now Buttons: Don't have a shopping cart? Let us do it all.

We offer better support to your clients:

Most of our clients (you the publisher) use our service to manufacture and ship single quantity orders to their individual customers. While we do have clients that order larger quantities, we specialize in one at a time, on demand, CD/DVD/USB manufacturing, fulfillment and shipment. Sending to your individual customers creates a new set of issues:

  1. We take care of many end user shipping issues. Click Here to see all the ways we deal with shipping issues.
  2. We send your customers an optional detailed order email with tracking link: When an order comes into our system, if you provided your customer email, we CAN (optional) send your customer a detailed email including available tracking information. This let's your customer know their product is on the way (optional and free). Your customer can track their order without ever bothering you. You can also login to TrepStar to find tracking information, and forward that to your customer.
  3. Customer may edit their own address: If you have this feature turned on, you can allow your customers to edit any address problems right away before postage is printed. You can delay postage printing up to 10 hours after the order is submitted. Since we normally (unless you turn it off) send the customer an order notification when you submit the order, they receive a link with tracking info as well as a link to edit their shipping address. As the publisher, you also have up to 10 hours to login to TrepStar, and modfiy any addresses. When this feature is turned on, you can set it from 1 to 10 hours. This means ALL postage printing will be delayed this amount of time, which can mean an extra day before the product is shipped.
  4. You may end up submitting a bad address to us and neither you nor your customer knows how to fix it: If so, our postage system flags the order and we contact your customer by email asking them to help us adjust and fix the address. We attempt to fix the address and in most cases, the customer receives their package with minimal delays. We charge $1.50 for this service. If you or your customer uses the modify address feature (if you have it turned on) there is no charge because you would have fixed the address before our system tried (and failed) to print it. With other services, you will end up having to reorder again AT FULL PRICE weeks later when your customer complains.
  5. Packages can be undeliverable: We process product returns for you. Sometimes, postage is printed, the package is sent, yet it comes back to us from the post office. We let you know, as well as the customer (by email). At this point, you can order again with a different address.
  6. Package Refused by your customer: If your customer refuses the package, we let you know (via email) when it's returned to us. We notify you so you can process a refund in any way you like. Most other companies are not used to shipping to YOUR customers so they end up just throwing returns away.
  7. "Where is my package..." Customer Request: Some users email us saying they have not received the package. This is because we use OUR email address as the replyto address when we send the shipping confirmation (optional and free). On your behalf, we look the receiver email up in our system, and check the date the package was sent. We either send them an email asking them to be patient and wait a few days. No other service does this as far as we can tell.

Our project management system is better than any other:

Most companies make you fill out a form so they can quote you a price. Sometimes you fill out partial information but it's not a system that's automated so you can't configure the project all on your own if you wish. Some companies require you download some windows software to setup your project. You have to know all the information about your product and have all the graphics you want prepared in advance. Once you have all this, the software reads your CD or DVD from your drive, and creates a permanent, non editable image file of your product and uploads it to their server. While this seems nice at first, and is useful to some users, it has drawbacks.

Our project management system has these benefits most others do not:
  1. You can edit your project on our system. You can NOT do this with many systems. If you make a mistake in your project or want to change something as simple as a graphic or the title of your product, you have to redo the entire project, get a new master, new proof, and basically start over. With our system, you can upload new images, pick different packaging options (CD case, jewel case, sleeve), upload completely different files to burn, adjust the title, number of discs in the set, types of disc (cd/dvd) and many other small details.
  2. You don't need everything in place up front to use our system. Create your project on our system, enter what you know, and we guide you by sending you emails on what to do next to get the project ready. Once your project is approved, you can order a copy for you or your customers. Don't like something about it? Change it! Add a different graphic, or change the files that are burned. We approve your project again and you can order some more. With our system, your projects can evolve as your product evolves. With most other systems, if ANYTHING changes, you have to rebuild and upload the ENTIRE project. For a DVD, that may take 20 hours or more!
  3. You have flexibility using our project system. You can upload files to YOUR server OR OURS. This means you have full control of any files that are used in the project. This is very useful to clients that have a lot of projects and don't want to go through the entire project publishing software process for each project. With our system, you simply copy an existing project, edit a few fields to update the location of your files and graphics, and seconds later you have new product ready to order!
  4. Change packaging options easily. Want to start out shipping your product in the lowest cost simple clear vinyl sleeve (instead of a CD or DVD case)? You can set up your project that way. Then, if you have custom graphics for a CD or DVD case, you can add those graphics, and change your product options to package it in a CD or DVD case. The next order you take triggers our system to use your new graphics and package options.
  5. Simplify order automation: If you do all the work to automate your individual customer orders, the last thing you want is to do is change and test your order automation system in any way. If you need to change your product you can easily edit your online project with our system. With any other duplicator, ANY change to your product forces you make an entirely new one! This means your ordering automation system needs to change to refer to that new product. Not only is it tedious to be forced to go through the whole process again for a small modification, but you now have to update and test your ordering system to refer to the newly created product. With our system, you can simply edit your project. This means the TrepStar product id does not change so your automated ordering system does not change either.
  6. We stretch or shrink your graphics to fit no matter what: If you created graphics for use on other systems, your artwork will work on ours as well because we also use the same size packaging.
  7. multi-disc Projects: Several discs placed in a multi disc DVD case. For example, you can create a multi-disc set as a single product. This set will be packaged in a DVD case that holds multiple discs. This DVD case is the same size (thickness) as a normal size single DVD case. This means your artwork/graphics for the DVD case overwrap will be the same size regardless if it's a single or multiple disc set. Making a multi disc set is beneficial because the unit cost is low, the shipping weight and volume are low, thus the total unit cost including shipping is low. You always may choose to make a multi-disc set, or make several individual disc projects and ship them all at once to an individual customer. You have an economical choice when you use our multi-disc option. In addition, you can have mixed media with our multi-disc sets. In other words, your set could include 3 audio CDs along with one data CD (maybe contains documentation or other software). You can have DVDs mixed with CDs. Any combination is possible.
  8. Easy Reporting: You can easily search for your customer orders with our search and reports feature. Find out when an order was shipped. Look over any tracking information available. See billing reports and pay your bill online at any time. These are just some of the features available to you when you use our services.

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