About TrepStar
TrepStar.com CDDVDFulfillment

TrepStar CD/DVD Fulfillment produces, packages and ships CD/DVD products direct to customers worldwide. Our mission is to provide the highest quality "on demand" service at the lowest price at any quantity. We reproduce digital media products including software on DVD, software on CD, music CDs, video DVDs, etc. and ship to our clients' customers daily. Customer Testimonials

On 12/1/2010, we renamed the site to TrepStar.com CDDVDFulfillment. This was to avoid brand confusion. Our previous name of cd-fulfillment.com or dvd-fulfillment.com or cddvdfulfillment.com was too generic so people had trouble finding us by word of mouth. Now, simply tell people TrepStar and they will find us easily.

TrepStar.com, an A1Tech, Inc. Company, was founded by Patrick Trepanier in Eagan, Minnesota in 2002. The company was established to automate CD fulfillment for the award-winning software products of A1Tech, Inc., and quickly grew to take on other CD fulfillment clients.

TrepStar started in early 2002. This site can be reached using any of the following domains:

  1. www.TrepStar.com
  2. www.cd-fulfillment.com
  3. www.dvd-fulfillment.com
  4. www.cdDVDfulfillment.com