Order Automation:

Order Automation / Integration Summary

There are several ways to submit orders to TrepStar.com. You are always able to manually submit orders using the Order button from within your account.

To automate the TrepStar.com CDDVDFulfillment process, you will need to make a few changes to your order system or pay someone to do it for you.

Order Automation Solutions:

FREE from TrepStar TrepStar has written several integrations for popular shopping carts.
1ShoppingCart Gateway: If you already use 1ShoppingCart Professional shopping cart, or plan to switch Click Here to learn how to easily automate ordering.
eBay Seller Gateway: If you are an eBay seller, Click Here to learn how to easily automate ordering for eBay sellers. This uses the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system.
E-junkie Gateway: If you already use E-junkie as your shopping cart, Click Here to learn how to easily automate ordering.
PayPal IPN Gateway: If you already use PayPal buttons or shopping cart, Click Here to learn how to easily automate ordering using the built in PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system.
UltraCart Gateway: If you already use UltraCart shopping cart, Click Here to learn how to easily automate ordering.

TrepStar Generic HTTP Gateway: Any programmer can use our HTTP API to send order data to TrepStar. This is the most generic way to program your system to send the order data to our server when your customer orders from your website. You have full control of how and when your system sends order data to our server. Click Here to learn how to automate ordering using our http gateway.
Email Parsing: When your customer orders from your shopping cart, do you get and order email notification THAT INCLUDES the customer address, product title, and quantity and other order information? If so, we may be able to parse those emails to automate ordering:
  1. Forward several individual examples of your order emails to help@trepstar.com so we can see if they are parseable.
  2. We will let you know if we are able to parse them.
  3. If we can, we'll set up an email parser which will take your forwarded order emails and create a new TrepStar order for each one. This way, you don't have to fill out our order form.
  4. Your email program should have options to create a 'rule' that will forward your order email to our system (we will provide a forwarding email later). Otherwise, you can manually forward your order email whenever you want, giving you more control.
  5. We can justify doing this for you FREE as long as certain conditions are met (to justify our programming support costs). It works this way:
    1. First, we charge a non refundable one time programming charge of $75.00 to program the email parsing integration. Once paid, we will work on the integration.
    2. As long as you submit at least 75 orders any time within the 12 months following the programmed integration, we'll credit your TrepStar account $75.00. This credit can be used for future TrepStar orders. In essence, this is a refund of the original setup charge.
    3. This means if you have enough orders to justify our time, we'll end up doing this integration at no cost to you.
    4. If you do not submit enough orders after we program the integration, you do not receive a credit or refund which means you simply paid us a small fee for integration programming costs (programming usually costs thousands of dollars).
    5. In other words, if you do not reach the 75 sales minimum , you will not get a refund or credit. This process is for publishers that sell enough to justify our programming costs.
  6. For more information, Send TrepStar an email requesting this service.

Spreadsheet Ordering: Can you export your order data into a spreadsheet format? If so, learn more about spreadsheet ordering.

Order Automation Support $40.00 per hour

Are you using TrepStar to manufacture and ship products directly to your customers one at a time when your customer orders from your shopping cart, Paypal buttons, or eBay? You probably don't want to fill out the TrepStar order form each time a customer orders your product. Many TrepStar publishers automate the order process.

Option 1: You may configure order automation yourself at no charge.

Option 2: You may want to consider the TrepStar spreadsheet order process.

Option 3: You may use our paid consulting service:

  1. Order automation is non trivial which means each case is different and it requires the help of our programming staff.
  2. We charge a $40.00 per hour consulting fee with a 2 hour minimum charge ($80.00).
  3. Depending on which cart you use, it could take between 2 and 40 hours. Once we find out a little more about your project, we can give you a more accurate estimate.
  4. If it's fairly simple, like helping you set up integration with your Paypal or eBay buttons, it should only take an hour or two.
  5. We realize this can be expensive, so we often recommend you first try hiring out your project at FreeLancer.com which is almost always less costly for the more complicated projects.
  6. If you would like order automation support, send an email to help@trepstar.com to let us know some of the details.