Minimum Requirements and Fees - CD/DVD/USB on Demand Fulfillment Service:

Fees and Minimums:

  1. Large Number of Projects: If you have over 100 projects, there is a small one time fee of $1.99 for each additional project created. This helps cover the cost to produce the first order of your new project. Normally, we lose money on the first few orders of a new project because we spend extra time "burn test verifying" the product, and this is the time where we usually spend extra time with email support etc. We don't charge this fee for new/small publishers as a loss leader, but for larger publishers, we charge this one time fee to make sure we can keep the most important order costs low.

  2. Minimum sales requirement: Order your product once every 6 months to keep the project active. In addition, we offer a much more economical alternative. Use our "Product Activation Service"** which only costs $2.00 per project. Select this instead of ordering product (which is more expensive). This service is basically a cloud storage fee. Otherwise, inactive projects are deleted. You will be warned via email before your project is deleted. Please monitor the email we send you.

  3. Large Data Storage: If you have a lot of projects that take up a lot of data storage space (100GB of storage or more), we may require you to use our product activation service** or order a copy sooner than six months unless you have many sales per day. Storing lots of data on our system is costly so we can't have publishers with hundreds of gigabytes of storage space with low or no sales. In situations where one publisher has over one hundred GB of storage and only a few total sales per week we may decrease the amount of time we require between purchases (from 6 months down to 5 months or maybe 4 months worst case). We need to do this to justify storing all of your data when we only profit 50c or so per order. If you check prices, you'll see that storing your data on a cloud service like Amazon S3 is much more expensive than what we charge. We have many Terabytes of cloud storage and our costs are high.

  4. Premium Support: We do offer various levels of product setup support.

**Product Activation Service is a feature that enables you keep any project that is about to be deleted for another 6 months. Instead of paying $6.00 or more to have your product made and shipped for something you may not want, just pay the small product activation fee of $2.00 instead. Instead of making and shipping your product, we charge the fee to keep your project active for another 6 months. This is much less costly for you and is the only way we can pay for our cloud storage costs for products with no sales (we pay fees for cloud storage too).

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