Minimum Requirements and Fees - CD/DVD/USB on Demand Fulfillment Service:

Fees and Minimums:

  1. Minimum sales requirement: Order once every 6 months.
    1. Order each of your products at least once every 6 months to keep the project active.
    2. Alternatively, we offer a much more economical choice. Use our "Product Activation Service" **
      1. Weeks before your products will be deleted, warning messages will be displayed within your acccount, and the option to use this service will become available.
      2. When available, you will be able to click a checkbox to keep your product(s) active.
      3. This costs $2.00 per project.
      4. This fee cannot be paid in advance. The whole point of this service is to keep projects around only for publishers actively using the TrepStar services.
    3. Select product activation service instead of ordering product (which is more expensive).
    4. Inactive projects are deleted by an automated system. If you do not order at least once every 6 months, or use product activation service, the project will be deleted which can not be undone.
    5. You will be warned via email before your project is deleted. Please monitor the email we send you.
    6. This will only effect titles with virtually no sales.
    This requirement helps us identify unused, or abandoned projects so those resources can be better used for active publishers. We have cloud storage fees and can't host data forever at no cost.

  2. Large Number of Projects: If you have over 100 projects, there is a small one time fee of $1 for each additional project created.
    1. For the first 100 projects, you are not charged this new project fee when you add additional projects.
    2. For the 101st project (and any additional ones thereafter), a one time fee of $1 is billed to your account when you add that new project.
    3. This fee will be charged only when you create a new project, not for product orders.
    4. To avoid this fee, you may delete any unused projects to stay below 100.
    5. To avoid this fee, you may also modify any existing project instead of creating new ones.
    This fee helps cover the cost to produce the first order of your new project, and to justify disc storage for publishers that have lots of different titles, require lots of disc space, and typically have low sales volume for most of the titles. Normally, we lose money on the first few orders of a new project because we spend extra time "burn test verifying" the product, and this is the time where we usually spend extra time with email support etc. We don't charge this fee for new/small publishers as a loss leader, but for publishers that consume a lot of our resources, we charge this one time fee to make sure we can keep product order costs as low as possible.

  3. Premium Support: We do offer various levels of product setup support.

** Product Activation Service enables you keep any project that is about to be deleted for another 6 months without ordering product:
  1. If you have any projects that are at risk of being deleted you will receive at least one warning email so please monitor the email we send you.
  2. When you login, you will see warning messages explaining that certain projects are at risk of being deleted. If you do not see any message, your projects are not at risk of being deleted.
  3. This service saves you money because instead of paying full price for product you may not need, just pay the small product activation fee of $2.00 instead.
  4. Instead of making and shipping your product, we simply mark your product so it stays active for another 6 months.
  5. We can't keep projects forever. By using this service, we know the project is still valuable to you, and this helps to pay for our data hosting fees.

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