Reasons to choose TrepStar:

Why would you want to use our service?
  1. If you sell any digital product online (software, eBooks, documentation, self help, audio CDs etc)
  2. Our Base rate including domestic postage for CD fulfillment is $3.40 per CD order sent (see our pricing sheet)
  3. Our Base rate including domestic postage for DVD fulfillment is $3.40 per DVD order sent (see our pricing sheet)
  4. You can charge whatever you like to your end user.
  5. You don't have to touch any product or worry about any customer support issues related to the CD/DVD/USB production and shipping.
Get More Sales
  • Many people will not purchase if they can't get a 'hard copy' of your product.
  • Add incremental revenue by adding a CD or DVD purchase option.

What we do for you:
  1. Our company will burn, print your graphic on the CD/DVD, and ship the CD/DVD/USB to your customer anywhere in the world.
  2. Our system will notify your customer by email when their fulfillment order is processed. Your customer will then be able to direct any CD/DVD/USB related customer support questions directly to us.
  3. You just have to offer the CD/DVD/USB product on your purchase page. We can integrate with your shopping cart.
  4. You don't have to hire or manage staff, worry about broken or lost Discs, buy stamps, bundle mailers, print labels, invoices, or write the software to handle all this.
  5. We allow you to offer CD/DVD/USB products without the hassle related to producing and shipping any physical product.
Let us deal with it.
  1. We'll deal with all the hassle.
  2. We are a simple turn key solution to getting your CD or DVD to your customers.

How we both make money:
  1. We deal in bulk. Thus, the prices we charge you are less than what it would cost you to do it yourself. We find volume discounts.
  2. You don't need to waste valuable resources dealing with fulfillment.
  3. We charge you a low base rate, and you can charge as much as you like to your customers.
We both make money
  1. We are efficient.
  2. Our supplies are purchased in high volume.
  3. You sell your CD or DVD product at a profit.
  4. We make a profit through efficiency and volume.

Why should I trust (an company)
  1. We have been in the CD fulfillment business since 2001.
  2. Check out some client testimonials!
  3. We've worked out the kinks with our long history and experience.
  4. We don't require any minimum commitment or costly fee. We want our excellent service and low prices to be the reason you stay with us month after month. If you have over 10 projects (titles), there is a small $1 fee (to be paid later) when you create a CD/DVD/USB project. This affects only a small number of our customers. This fee simply covers the cost to store the data, download the data, and test your new project. This is not normally a pricing problem for most customers because they plan to sell several copies of this disc.
We are the PROs
  1. We've been doing this for years.
  2. We have few if any customer complaints.
  3. We have excellent support.
  4. We are a profitable business with long term plans.

Why don't I just do this myself? Could that save me money?
  1. The bottom line is this: If you tried to do this yourself, it would cost you as much or more than we charge you.
  2. You could probably get CD/DVDs made for you for about $1.00 each if you buy in quantity of 1000 or more. It costs too much to set up a "short run" of less than 1000 discs.
  3. Postage, CD cardboard mailers, CD sleeves or jewel cases, color ink, toner, labels, and blank CDs are expensive when you add it all up.
  4. Did you know it costs nearly $0.35 just for the ink printed on the disc surface using standard printers?
  5. Do you really want to print CD labels? Our system automatically puts the graphic on the disc. No labels are involved.
  6. It takes time and expensive CD/DVD/USB duplication and printing devices and custom software to automate this process.
  7. Don't forget all the time it will take to print labels, receipts, package the Discs and receipts, put the return address and postage on each mailer etc.
  8. Nearly all CD/DVD/USB duplication companies will not directly ship to your customers and integrate with your order process like we will. If they do, they require costly minimum requirements.
  9. If you do this yourself, you'll have to write custom software to process USB, CD and DVD orders. Which CD/DVD/USBs are sent? Which orders are new? When was the order sent? Did this user even purchase a CD/DVD/USB? How do I take my data to print labels? How do I print customer receipts? Where do I buy the right disc mailer? How much is postage?
  10. Leave this to the PROs -- US!
  11. We're only looking to profit a little bit per order and make our revenue on volume inventory purchases and efficiency of scale.
We are efficient
  1. We've worked out all the kinks.
  2. We have found the best buys for supplies anywhere.
  3. We buy supplies in bulk.
  4. We are very efficient.
  5. We have the software and hardware all in place.
  6. We have the experience.

How much work is it for me?
  1. You create a free account with us (Click the Free Account Setup Graphic). This takes a few minutes.
  2. From within your account, you can fill out a form to order a CD/DVD/USB . That's it!
  3. If you have a high volume of CD/DVD/USB orders, it isn't too hard to automate the process.
  4. Once you have set up the fulfillment account, when an order is received from you, we will burn your digital files on the CD/DVD/USB
  5. We print your graphic on the disc. Our art department can help you create a graphic.
  6. You would have to modify your purchase process to include the option to purchase the CD/DVD/USB . You have complete control over this.
  7. When the customer purchases the disc, you will modify your system to send us a specially formatted email, or go to a special URL on our server with parameters that tell us the customers mailing address etc.
  8. Or, the most simple method is to use our online order form. Just log into your CD/DVD/USB fulfillment account and click the "Order" button. Fill out the customer details and the order is complete. This is perfect if you handle only a few orders per day.
How do I begin?
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