On Demand Publishing with TrepStar:

How can TrepStar.com help me publish my CD or DVD?

On Demand Self Publishing CD/DVD Service:

  1. Create and distribute your film, video, music CD, or any other CD or DVD you create.
  2. Setting up an account is free
  3. You take orders on your web site
  4. You fill out customer order information on our site (this can be automated later)
  5. We make the CD/DVD at order time. We burn your files to the disc, and print your graphics on the disc and jewel or DVD case cover artwork
  6. Artwork is printed onto the DVD cover or jewel case 2 panel insert
  7. Packaged in either a standard DVD case (Amaray case) or a jewel case (standard or thin)
  8. We shrink wrap it with a cellophane plastic overwrap
  9. When an order is received, we make it at that time. We ship it the same day (or next day if the order comes in after 1PM)
  10. We make only as many as you order. There is no wasted inventory. The inventory stays fresh in case you make a change to your product digital files or artwork.
  11. Self publishing: Our company allows you to sell your product from your web site, collect the money, and pay us later just for the cost of fulfillment.
  12. Our prices are low. We don't charge a high percentage of your retail price like many of the other self publish websites.
  13. Please look at our Intro Video for more details.