TrepStar Help Video Topics:

  1. Video: Intro (START HERE)

What your customer receives:

  1. Video: What Your Products Will Look like: With Pictures
  2. Video: Premium Quality Glossy Full Color Disc Printing: With Product Pictures
  3. Video: Premium Quality DVD Case: With Product Pictures
  4. Video: Premium Quality CD Case: With Product Pictures
  5. Video: Premium Quality Multi-Disc DVD Cases: With Product Pictures
  6. Video: Shrinkwrap vs Cellophane

Project Management:

  1. Video: New Publishers Create First Project
  2. Video: Using Project Management Admin Area
  3. Video: Modify your Project
  4. Video: Media Types (Audio CD, Data CD, DVD)
  5. Video: Package Options (DVD case, CD case, Sleeve)
  6. Video: Make sure artwork images are RGB not CMYK

Preparing DVDs and Audio CDs:

  1. Video: DVDs - Create .ISO Image File and Upload
  2. Video: DVDs - Where to upload your DVD .iso or zip files
  3. Video: Uploading files to AmazonS3 - Updating TrepStar Project.
  4. Video: Audio CDs - zip up your mp3 or wav files & upload

Multi-Disc Sets:

  1. Video: Multiple Disc DVD Cases: With Product Pictures
  2. Video: Configuring Multiple Disc Sets

Prices & Billing:

  1. Video: Wholesale Pricing & Billing
  2. Video: Pricing Page Help
  3. Video: Retail Order Net Proceeds and Fees

Order Automation with PayPal, Shopping Carts, and Trepstar Gateway:

  1. Video: Order Automation Overview
  2. Video: PayPal Order Automation and IPN
  3. Video: Adding PayPal Priority and Express shipping options

Retail Order Page Gateway (buy now buttons & cart):

  1. Video: Retail Order Page Intro
  2. Video: Retail Order Page HTML
  3. Video: Retail Order Page HTML Customization Examples
  4. Video: Understanding Retail Order Net Proceeds and Fees