There are several possible send status messages indicating package location and shipment status:

Message Description
Could Not Send: Incomplete Address The postage address verification failed, and postage could not be printed by our automated system.

  1. We tried to contact the customer by email if possible. If we never heard back, and have no way to correct the address, and the address is incomplete or too ambiguous, we can't ship the package.

  2. This may also happen if the address contained the wrong country. If you've already paid the bill, we can only adjust the street, city, state, and zip, since changing the country would alter the postage rates and billing details. If you have not yet paid the bill, we can adjust the country which updates the amount owed.

If you see this status, you'll need to contact your customer, get a valid address, and order again. This is a final status from us. Most fulfillment companies simply ignore bad addresses, do not send the package, and do not notify you or your customer in any way.
In Line to be made and shipped This means we have not yet finished making the product, and we have not yet printed postage. During this state, you have about 15 minutes to delete the order if you made a mistake. If postage has not been printed, you may modify the address since the postage label has not been printed either.
Not made or sent. Failed Order There was a problem with this order. Some required data was missing. There is no way to edit this order. Please submit a new order. The record only exists to show you the order failed.
Not made or sent. Test Order Test orders are not meant to test the burn/copy process. Rather, they help you test our order automation system. Many people test their order automation integration with our order server by sending test orders. Test orders never cause anything to be manufactured. You are not charged for test orders. To order a proof "test" copy for yourself, login, click the order button, and submit a standard wholesale order by entering your address and submitting the order. Then click 'Pay Bill'. We do not offer free samples.
On Hold - Payment Required You have submitted orders, but there are not enough funds in your account to pay for them. Login, and click the billing button to pay by credit card or paypal. Once payment is made, orders on "Hold" will be released to the production mode and processed.
Sent The disc or USB was made, postage was printed, and the package was shipped on the Send Date. In some situations, if your order came in late in the day, the package will be shipped on the day after the Send Date. The tracking link (for most packages) will show you exact status.
Sent: Stamps Added The package was sent, but there may be limitations: At first, the postage address verification failed, and postage could not be printed by our automated system. We then tried to correct the address one or more times but could not get postage to print. We always try to contact the customer by email asking for any address corrections. Since postage could not be printed, we simply add stamps manually and send it. We can only do this if we think the address looks valid. We hope the post office will "figure it out" -- which they often do. Tracking is not available in this situation, and it's quite possible the package will be returned by the post office as well. We do notify you if the package is returned. Most fulfillment companies simply ignore bad addresses, do not send the package, and do not notify you or the customer in any way.
Sent, then Returned by Customer We sent the package, but your customer refused the package. They printed "return to sender" on the package and sent it back, or simply mailed it back to us in a new mailer. This likely means your customer is expecting a refund. You will be notified by email if this occurs. Most fulfillment companies simply throw returns in the trash without notifying you, the publisher.
Sent, then Returned by Post Office Sometimes the post office just can not deliver a package. This can occur if it was an incomplete address, or the customer moved, or it was shipped to the wrong address. Your customer will be expecting a package that will not arrive. You should contact them and/or submit a new order to the correct address. You will be notified by email if this occurs. In addition, if an email address was supplied with the order, we send a notification to that address to let the customer know the package was returned so they know what is going on. Most fulfillment companies simply throw returns in the trash without notifying you, the publisher.
Will Be Sent Same as "Sent" status, but because of the time the order came in, the send date is in the future. Usually this is the next business day, or Saturday if it's an Priority-Express or Priority package. You may see the message Product ships within 1-2 days. If tracking is available, it will be shown once postage is printed. Check back tomorrow.
Will Be Sent Shortly This means the postage process has started, but not yet completed. The status should change to Sent, or a different status within a few hours.
Will Send: Address Problems We're attempting to fix a bad address. We may have contacted the customer by email, or saw a simple error in the data entry. We've re-submitted the record to our postage printing system and will be reprinting the postage address label shortly. This status should change within a few hours.
Will Send: Asking Customer for Address Correction. You supplied a customer email with the order. We saw that the shipping address was bad. We could not see how to correct it, so we sent an email asking for an address correction. We usually wait a few days for a response at which point we will correct the address and ship the package at that time (status will change to sent). If we do not hear from your customer, this will be marked as a bad address and you'll have to re-order for your customer. You will be notified by email if/when this occurs.
Burn Test Verification status If this is a new project, or you've refreshed the project, we have to test or retest the burn/copy process and make sure any printed documentation or artwork prints without errors. You do not have to do anything at this time. If there is no trouble manufacturing your product, this step does not lead to any delays. If there are any problems, we will fix the error if we can, or send you an email with instructions if there is anything we need you to do.
Order a small quantity at first: The order form warns you to order a single quantity when not yet "Burn Test Verified" We do this to prevent new publishers unfamiliar with TrepStar from ordering large quantities of untested product. We always recommend you send a single product to your address to make sure any changes you made are working as you expected. Once your project is set to Burn Test Verified (in a day or two) you may order quantities > 1.

  1. When the first order(s) come in after a new project is approved, or an existing project is refreshed, we have to test the burn/copy process again.

  2. We have to download your data files if applicable (they changed or are new). Some problems can occur during this step if your files were not set up properly.

  3. If this happens on the weekend, it may take an extra day to manually verify the discs/USB burned successfully.

  4. If the disc(s)/USB are made without errors, we mark the project burn test verified which means the burn/copy process worked, and our tests of the disc/USB look good. Order status will be set to "Sent" and the discs/USB will be made and shipped that day (or possibly the next day).

  5. We actually place your CD/DVD/USB in our test devices to make sure they have data on them. We do not manually look at the entire disc/USB. Please order one for yourself and do this.

  6. If the burn/copy process fails, we identify the problem and fix it if we can. Otherwise, we'll inactivate the project with a message informing you on how to fix the problem.

  7. If only your graphics have changed, we still have to verify artwork printed correctly. Normally this is not a problem and does not lead to any delays. We just look over the printer output and mark the project burn test verified again.

  8. Once all errors are fixed and the burn/copy process has been tested and approved, this status will switch to "Sent".

Products are waiting to be mailed during this "Waiting for Burn Test Verification" because we're testing the discs/USB or looking over the artwork. Once they are confirmed OK, all customer orders will be made and sent right away.
  1. It usually takes a day or two to mark a product burn test verified. Many times, the product is made, tested, and packages within 24 hours.

  2. You do not have to do anything while waiting for burn test verification.

  3. Once the burn/copy test is complete, future orders will not incur this delay unless you change the project at which point we test again.

  4. We recommend ordering a copy of any new or changed products before you order for your customers. This is optional, but a good idea to make sure the product works as expected.

When the burn/copy test is verified successful, all orders with this "Waiting for Burn Test Verification" will be converted to "Sent" status and will be sent on the indicated "Send Date". You may see a tracking link at this time.

[Tracking] Link

Click here for more information about shipping methods and tracking.

If you see a [tracking] link in the sent column, it means some form of package tracking is available. If you do NOT see the link, it means we have not sent it yet, or no tracking is available.

It may take up to 36 hours after an order is placed before the post office scans some packages into their system. You may see the message "The tracking information for this item was received by the US Postal Service at x:xx PM on 0x/x/201x, but the item has not yet been scanned in the mailstream."

This means the post office knows we printed postage because our system notifies their database when our software prints postage. The post office has not received the package yet, or has not yet scanned it into their system.