This is how you can sell your CD, and have us burn it on demand and send it directly to your customer at order time:

Set up a free CD or DVD project

  1. Click Sign Up above to start.
  2. Create a free project for each of the products you sell.
  3. Set up your project online.
  4. If you have a multiple disc set, data CD, DVD, or audio CD, you can set those options by clicking on the options button. We have video topics for all of this (under the help menu).
  5. Change packaging options.
  6. Did you use DVD authoring software for your DVD? If you don't know what this means, learn more about our DVD authoring service.
  7. Don't want to bother with all the file preparation? We have a few support options. [Learn More]
Set up a free CD or DVD project for each of the products you sell

Order Option #1:

If you already have a shopping cart or paypal buttons, your customer will order from your site using a shopping cart or PayPal buttons you've added:

  1. You use your current shopping cart software or paypal buttons.
  2. Your customer orders the product from you.
  3. You collect the money from your customer directly.
  4. You submit orders into our wholesale order system either manually, or with automation.
Your customer orders the CD or DVD from your site shopping cart or order buttons.

Then, login and click the order button to submit a wholesale order:

  1. Click the "Order" button from within your account. From there, you fill in customer order data.
  2. If you submit many orders, you can automate ordering.
  3. You may also consider spreadsheet ordering.
To order a CD/DVD/USB for a customer, fill out the order form, or use an integration method to automate the process.

Order Option #2

Customers orders from the TrepStar retail order cart using buy now buttons.

  1. acts as your eCommerce system / shopping cart.
  2. You set your desired retail price and product description.
  3. Copy and paste our "Buy Now" buttons HTML to your site.
  4. We collect the money from your customer since they are using the retail order page we provide.
  5. We make and ship the products on demand at order time.
  6. We pay you the net proceeds once every few weeks.
Your customer orders the CD or DVD from the retail order purchase page we provide.

We manufacture and ship product in 1 business day

  1. We ship your product to your customer within 1 business day via the U.S. Postal Service which ships to anywhere in the world. The USPS ships to more addresses than any other service available (more than UPS or Fedex etc.)
  2. We make products "on demand" or "just in time" so inventory is never stale, and there is no waste.
  3. Depending on the packaging and shipping options, we may place your disc in a thin mailer, DVD case, CD case, bubble mailer, or combination of those. Click the "options" button (once you've made a project) for more details.
We make the CD or DVD at order time on demand (just in time).

Search or browse customer order data

  1. We store all customer orders on our system.
  2. We provide tools to browse or search customers.
  3. Confirm customer orders are in the system.
  4. See when customer orders were shipped.
  5. Modify customer address as long as it has not been printed (usually about 1 hour but you may modify this setting).
  6. Delete orders placed within 15 minutes.
Search, browse, modify customer records


  1. Standard Wholesale ordering (you just pay us for manufacturing, shipping, and handling)
    1. You pay your bill by credit card or paypal. You can always fund your account to reduce the amount of payments you make.
    2. Pay by credit card, paypal, or send in a check.
  2. Retail ordering (we collect the retail order amounts, and pay you the net proceeds)
    1. You may choose to use the retail order page we provide.
    2. We collect retail order amounts, and pass shipping and handling costs to the consumer
    3. View our terms and fees.
    4. We pay you net proceeds once per month.
Pay your CD DVD fulfillment bill by credit card or paypal

We offer you complete CD Fulfillment Services integrated with your shopping cart

If you sell software, music, or other digital product online, you have probably had customers who have requested that on CD. Or, you may have a large download file or music files, and it only makes sense to send it to the customer via CD. If you have been unable to provide customers with these CDs, there is a strong possibility that you have actually lost out on new business. For example, many people will not buy software if they can't hold it in their hands.

On top of the new clients our CD fulfillment services can attract to your company, people who were already planning to buy electronic product (such as software) will often pay extra for backup CDs. In fact, an average of 20%-30% will purchase backup discs if they are offered at a reasonable price ($6.95 - $9.95).

At, we realize that the costs and hassle involved with CD production and fulfillment might be keeping you from offering them to your customers. That is why we have made it as easy as possible for you to make money by offering a simple, low cost, easy to use service.

When you work with us, we handle every aspect of the CD fulfillment service. Our art department can help you create the graphics you want on the discs, and packaging. We also offer email support to customers that have any problems with their CD order. We offer the lowest and most competitive prices, giving you the ability to turn a profit with your CD backup services even if you only sell a few items a day. We don't require you to make any minimum commitment and we don't charge you a set-up fee. If you want to know more about how we can help you increase the revenue from your software sales, we encourage you to contact us at or simply create a free software company account today (button on left column).

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