Amazon Seller Central Orders Submitted Automatically to TrepStar:

TrepStar has an indirect integration with Amazon (seller central). You may choose one of two ways to automate order submission to TrepStar:

  1. [1] Zapier: If you use Zapier, use our Zapier integration. You connect your Amazon account with Zapier. When orders come into Amazon, Zapier will "Zap" the order data over to the TrepStar order server to automatically submit those orders to TrepStar.
  2. [2] ShipStation: If you have ShipStation, use our ShipStation integration. Once you sign up with ShipStation and connect to your Amazon account, those Amazon orders will flow into ShipStation and from there, our integration ensures your Amazon orders will be automatically submitted to TrepStar.

What is

  1. It can connect apps like Amazon seller central orders (or other shopping carts) to a number of other apps such as fulfillment centers like TrepStar.
  2. You can do many things with Zapier, but we show you how to connect your shopping cart (or Amazon orders) with TrepStar. This way, when an order comes into your shopping cart or Amazon (seller central) that order data can be sent to the TrepStar order server using a "Zap".
  3. Learn about the TrepStar Zapier integration.

ShipStation integrates with these and many other selling channels, eCommerce systems, and shipping carriers (like the USPS).

What is ShipStation?

  1. Your online business will be more successful if you sell products on many platforms (like Amazon and eBay) in addition to your own website.
  2. It's not always enough to have just a website and a shopping cart.
  3. Ambitious sellers also list their products on Amazon, eBay, and others.
  4. ShipStation simplifies your shipping & fulfillment hassle because it funnels all of your orders from all of these selling channels into one place.
  5. If you sell TrepStar CD/DVD/USB products on any of these sales channels or eCommerce systems, those orders first flow into ShipStation. From there, they are automatically submitted to TrepStar so we can produce and ship those orders.
  6. ShipStation is the leader in this space because they integrate with all the major selling channels, shopping carts, and shipping methods.
  7. Learn about the TrepStar ShipStation integration.