Calculating Net Proceeds for Retail Buy Now Buttons

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TrepStar specializes in short run, on demand, CD/DVD/USB manufacturing & fulfillment. You may always order in bulk (25 or more units) but TrepStar offers low prices when you order just a single unit at a time. Many of our publishers submit single quantity orders and have TrepStar make and ship them on demand at order time. Once your product is configured, our system is mostly automated which keeps prices low at any quantity.

This could be a button that links to your products.  We link to ours just for this sample. If you use our TrepStar Buy Now Buttons / Shopping Cart to sell your individual products to individual customers (TrepStar handles all manufacturing & fulfillment on demand at order time), you need to know your net proceeds so you can calculate how much to charge your customer. Normally, your product is a single disc in a CD or DVD case. However, TrepStar offers multi disc sets.

Single disc product example - retail price $20.00

Change the retail price to see net proceeds for the price you expect to charge:

Retail Price '$20'
Example TrepStar Retail Order Page Net Proceeds Calculation:
Your currently set retail price for this product is $20.00. Based on this price, your retail order net proceeds will be:
Retail Price:$20.00The retail price you set from within your project. We charge the customer this plus shipping/handling.
Shipping/Handling:n/aYour customer chooses a shipping method during the purchase process. We add that amount to your retail price to cover our shipping/handling costs so you don't pay them (your customer does). Would you like to reduce the S/H costs that are charged to your customer?
Manufacture Cost:-$2.14The amount we charge you, the publisher, to manufacture this product (as currently configured).
Processing Fee:-$1.005.00% of $20.00. This covers the fees we are charged by our merchant provider.
Net Proceeds:$16.86This is the amount TrepStar will owe you. You pay manufacture cost, and processing fee. Your customer is charged extra to cover all S&H.

Multi disc set net proceeds example - retail price $50.00

These examples assume your customer purchases a single quantity of your multi disc set product. The process fee stays the same, based on your retail price, but the cost of manufacturing goes up depending on how many discs are in your multi disc set project. Net proceeds for a standard single disc set product are shown in the section above.

Each row corresponds to a different sized set (between 2 and 18 per set)

Change the retail price to see net proceeds for the price you expect to charge:

Retail Price '$50'
#DiscsPriceProcess Fee 5%COGSFee + COGSNet ProceedsS/H
2 $50.00 $2.50 $3.90$6.40$43.60n/a *
3 $50.00 $2.50 $5.15$7.65$42.35n/a *
4 $50.00 $2.50 $6.40$8.90$41.10n/a *
5 $50.00 $2.50 $7.65$10.15$39.85n/a *
6 $50.00 $2.50 $8.90$11.40$38.60n/a *
7 $50.00 $2.50 $11.55$14.05$35.95n/a *
8 $50.00 $2.50 $12.80$15.30$34.70n/a *
9 $50.00 $2.50 $14.05$16.55$33.45n/a *
10 $50.00 $2.50 $15.30$17.80$32.20n/a *
11 $50.00 $2.50 $16.55$19.05$30.95n/a *
12 $50.00 $2.50 $17.80$20.30$29.70n/a *
13 $50.00 $2.50 $20.20$22.70$27.30n/a *
14 $50.00 $2.50 $21.45$23.95$26.05n/a *
15 $50.00 $2.50 $22.70$25.20$24.80n/a *
16 $50.00 $2.50 $23.95$26.45$23.55n/a *
17 $50.00 $2.50 $25.20$27.70$22.30n/a *
18 $50.00 $2.50 $26.45$28.95$21.05n/a *

#DiscsHow many discs are in this set. Larger sets have a higher manufacturing cost. Products with 2 or more discs are packaged in DVD cases that can hold more than one disc. [See a Video].
PriceThis is the retail price you set. Total costs to you are based on the flat transaction fee and how much it costs to manufacture the product.
Process FeeWe charge a simple 5% transaction fee. This covers our merchant fees. We pass this charge onto you.
COGSThis is the cost of goods sold. This means the cost to manufacture this product. Large multi disc sets cost more so you must charge a higher retail price to cover this cost.
Fee + COGSThis is the total of merchant fees and manufacturing costs. This is the amount we deduct from your retail price which determines net proceeds to you.
Net ProceedsYour net proceeds. This is the amount we owe you. Take your retail price and subtract the 5% merchant fee. Then subtract the COGS (the manufacturing cost). This is your net proceeds.
S/H*What about Shipping & Handling? We pass the fulfillment cost and postage charge to the customer. We charge the customer your retail price + shipping & handling charges. They may choose expensive priority or express shipping. They may want the packaged shipped to a more costly international address. None of this will affect your net proceeds. You can easily calculate your net proceeds without worrying about adding extra cost for expensive shipping methods. If you don't want your customer to pay too much for S&H, you may absorb some S&H fees.

Learn more about minimums, payouts, terms, and limits.