Export your order data from your system.  Copy the data from your spreadsheet software (e.g. MS Excel). Paste it into the TrepStar Import Order Gateway. Click for full size image.

Video showing how to use this Spreadsheet Import Order Gateway Feature feature (11 minutes).Video: Use this advanced feature if your order system can export several customer orders into a spreadsheet format:

Within your TrepStar account area, you are given the option to submit multiple orders using a spreadsheet format:
  1. If your system can create spreadsheet data that includes order information like first name, last name, email, and address information, you can copy and paste that data here, and we can use that information to submit your list of orders.
  2. Spreadsheet data is "tabular" data. Each row of data represents a specific order to a single address. Within each row, there are data fields (defined as columns) that are separated by a delimiter (such as a tab or comma).
  3. Ideally, you want to provide as much data fields (columns) as possible.
  4. The first time you use this feature just paste a few rows of data in the form and click 'Preview...'. There are two more screens including a preview screen before any orders will be submitted. There are lots of chances to make corrections.
  5. Required data fields are: Invoice, FirstName or LastName, Address, City, State, Zip.
  6. If you do not provide certain data, we will use default values. You will have a chance to edit the data on subsequent screens.
  7. Invoice is required (but you may type it in later), and is to be unique for each order (for all orders ever taken for any given product). We require invoice because otherwise, you may submit this order data more than once by accident. If you're not sure, use a combination of data such as their name, and today's date (e.g. "JoeSmith01/04/2012" which is most likely unique).
  8. All accepted field values are: ProductID, CustomerEmail, Invoice, FirstName, LastName, ProductPrice, Quantity, CompanyName, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, SpecialText, and MailMethod:
    1. ProductID is the same as ProjectID: In some of the documentation, we refer to ProjectID. This ProductID/ProjectID is assigned by the TrepStar system when you created your project.If you want to order more than one product per customer order, string together the productIDs with the 'x' Character i.e. 274090x274120x274130x274140
    2. Quantity: Optional. If you leave blank, quantity 1 is assumed. Otherwise, specify an integer value from 1-250 (250 is the maximum). If you want to order multiple products for this order, and want different quantities of each, string together quantities with the 'x' character. For example, if ProductID was set to 202020x202030 and quantity was set to 10x20 you would be ordering 10 of product 202020 and 20 of product 202030.
    3. MailMethod: The accepted values are standard rtrackstandard priority express. rtrackstandard is standard + tracking. Express refers to 'Priority-Express' USPS shipping method.
    4. SpecialText: Optional. If you leave it blank, the special text value stored in your TrepStar project record will be used (just like a normal single address order). If you DO include SpecialText, it will be used instead of what was stored in the project record. Line breaks and double quotes are ignored.
  9. You may use this system to submit orders for different products. You just need to specify the ProductID (if not, you will be prompted for it later).
  10. Data fields (columns) do not need to be in a specific order. On the next screen, we will ask you to define (give us the order) of each data field (column) you provided.
  11. For example, a valid row of data might look like "Patrick Johnson,patJohnson@hotmail.com,8823 SomeStreet Apt#3,Eagan,MN,55123,INVabc-123,Priority,90220". In this example, the first columns (separated by a comma) are self explanatory. The last three columns were invoice, mail method, and ProductID.
  12. As another example, the exact same data is equally valid regardless of column order. e.g. "INVabc-123,patJohnson@hotmail.com,Patrick Johnson,8823 SomeStreet Apt#3,Eagan,MN,55123,Priority,90220". This is the same data listed above, but in different order. You will define the order on the next screen.
  13. IMPORTANT: You may need to combine data fields (columns). You need to combine street1, and street2 of the address since we combine them into a single field named address. In other words, adjust your spreadsheet, or edit the data you paste below to remove the delimiter (tab or comma) so you combine those fields.