Watch Video Tutorial If you currently use E-junkie shopping cart, modify a few settings on E-junkie and on your TrepStar project. Once you do this, you will not have to manually input customer orders into the product order form.

Modify your E-junkie and CD/DVD/USB products:

  1. Login to
  2. Click seller admin across to top menu bar
  3. Select the CD/DVD/USB product you want to modify from the View/Edit/Delete Products dropdown list under the Manage Products section.
  4. Click the EDIT button to modify a CD/DVD/USB product.
  5. Check the [x] Shipping/Buyer's address box so you are sure to collect address information.
  6. Then, check the [x] Send transaction data to a URL box. This will tell E-junkie to call our order server with your customer order info.
  7. Associate your E-junkie product Item Number with a TrepStar Product ID. There are two ways:
    1. Preferred Method: Edit your TrepStar project settings to store your E-junkie Item Number. The advantage to this method is that you won't have to copy your E-junkie button code back to your website. E-junkie references the Item Number on the button code HTML so it changes if your Item Number changes. With this method, the E-junkie Item Number does not change.
      1. Write down or copy your E-junkie Item Number.
      2. Edit your Project associated with this product.
      3. Scroll to the bottom of the edit page to the 'Optional Advanced Variables' section.
      4. Type in or paste your E-junkie Item Number into the 'eCommerce ID String' field.
      5. Do you have more than one E-Junkie Item Number that is associated with a single TrepStar project? No problem: String several E-Junkie Item Numbers together in the TrepStar 'eCommerce ID String' using < > Example: If you had 3 E-Junkie Item Numbers 5000, 6000, and 7150 that corresponded to a single TrepStar project, set the TrepStar project 'eCommerce ID String' to <5000> <6000> <7150> Now, when a customer orders either Item Number 5000, 6000, or 7150, this TrepStar product will be ordered.
      6. Save the TrepStar project
    2. Or, Set your E-junkie Item Number to match the Project ID number. However, once finished, you will then have to copy/paste your E-junkie button HTML code to your web site again.
      1. Login to
      2. The Project ID is listed with your project title where your products are listed.
      3. Write down or copy the Project ID.
      4. Set the E-junkie Item Number to your associated TrepStar Project ID.
  8. Click Next, and in the Payment Variable Information URL field, enter the following:
      1. TSMode is set to the value of test in the example above. Set this to the value of prod when you are done testing. No CD/DVD/USB will be created or mailed if the mode is test. Test mode is set this way so you can test a few orders before actually having actually make or send product.
      2. TSPub is your publisher id. Replace TrepStarPublisherID in the URL above with your actual publisher ID. i.e. TSPub=40110 . Publisher ID can be found by logging into and finding it listed there. We validate your Product IDs with your publisher ID so no one else can order products except you.
Shipping Method (optional): You may want to create a 'Shipping Calculation' rule:
  1. If you do nothing, we ship standard first class mail with email tracking via the US Post Office, which is the most economical and practical.
  2. Find the 'Shipping Calculation' settings section. To signal TrepStar to ship Priority or Express, make sure your configured shipping options include the word priority or express in the E-junkie setting, or in your shipping description. If we parse out the word priority or express in the shipping_method_type or shipping_method_desc fields, we will ship it priority or express. If we don't find those words, it is shipped standard first class.

You're all set! Once you've completed the steps above, when new orders come in through E-junkie, an test order record will be made on TrepStar.

  1. Because you set to TSMode to a value of "test" in the steps above, a test record will be created in TrepStar
  2. These test orders show you the customer data, and indicate the integration is working.
  3. Click the recent orders button to see all recent orders including test orders.
  4. "test" mode orders will not cause a CD/DVD/USB to be made or shipped, nor are you billed for test orders.
  5. Test orders can not be converted into production "prod" orders. They should be deleted.
  6. When you are satisfied the integration is working, change your E-junkie products Payment Variable Information URL. Set the TSMode=prod